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Is your web site mobile optimized? Google is looking.

In April 2015, Google began testing websites to see if they are mobile optimized. With this automatic testing, if your site fails the test, Google will rank it lower in mobile search results. This means fewer people finding your site. We can help. All of our templates are mobile-friendly and optimized for a wide variety of mobile devices!

Round The Bend Wizards is your home for distinctive website templates. We typically have over 1,000 templates on board at any one time with several platforms from which to choose. We've been serving our customers since 1998 and take pride our work. Whether you need a quick template to get started, need more features or options, or even need a fully cutomized design, we would love to help.

Expression Web

Expression Web templates are designed for the Microsoft Expression Web program and are built on HTML5 and CSS3. Whether you're an expert or just getting started, building great web sites is faster and easier with Expression Web. Learn More

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Generic HTML

Generic HTML templates are not dependent on any specific web editing program and do not contain any propriety coding. This makes them perfect for Coffee Cup, KompoZer, and other modern HTML editors by being built on HTML5 and CSS3. Learn More

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One-Page Sites

One-page templates are fast, easy, and a popular option. They are perfect for smaller sites that don't have a lot of content but want a great look. Built on HTML5 and CSS3, they are not dependent on any specific web editing program. Learn More

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Our Template Versions

Each generation of templates builds upon a solid foundation and brings you more flexibility. To learn more about each generation version, click on the topic links below:

  • Generation V8

    #4500 begins our newest Generation V8 templates. With some new, streamlined coding, pages load a little faster. We've also redesigned the look of many of the pages. To help make it easy, we have expanded the "how-to" instructions and added more information on the typography page. We're sure you will like what you find.

  • Generation V7

    With Generation V7 templates, you find all of the features from our V6 templates plus a nice fading ticker script, a new accordion feature, and some fun text animations. You'll also find we have expanded the media query breakpoints to make the responsive parts more... well, more responsive on more mobile devices.

  • Generation V6

    Generation V6 templates introduce some requested new features like a wider width, additional page layout designs, new portfolio page examples, and a simple contact form that uses a .php script. You'll find more details on the instructions and typography pages.

  • Generation V5

    Generation V5 templates #3900+ are responsive. Responsive web designs rely on some CSS "media queries" so the pages will resize on smaller mobile devices. You will find the same great features we use in our Generation V4 templates but on a more flexible base.

Better Value

1 It's no secret that having a mobile web presence gives you a distinct advantage. You will find our templates are built to be responsive so they can be viewed on a wide range of mobile devices and screen sizes. It's not magic, but it's the next best thing.

2 Based on a platform of HTML5 and CSS3, you will find our templates are efficiently coded, load fast, and are well commented to make editing easier. All templates are offered for immediate download after purchasing, so you can get started right away.

3 We're happy when our customers are happy. If you have a question or any concerns, just send us an email or give us a call.